Care Instructions

How do I take care of my organically produced and ecologically colored fashion?

Before Washing

Look at the label of your garment; there is an individual care instruction.
The symbols are fully explained on Wikipedia.

Your laundry detergent should offer ultimate biodegradability (OECD 301) and minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201 & 202).
You do not need optical brighteners or softener in your detergent.

Wash white and bright clothes separately from the dark coloured, because the textiles could always lose a little color.
Soak stains in (soap) water before washing. We recommend gall soap which you can buy in our shop.

Printed clothing wants to be washed for the first time not more than 30° celsius and spun at a maximum of 600 rpm.

Coloured clothes should not be washed with white or brighter clothes together in the first wash. Use low temperatures and mild detergent to keep the color long in the fabric.
Navy blue ecological Textile dyes you can find in our store.

Cotton Clothing

Cotton can withstand very high temperatures in the washing machine. However, please note that the colors and prints regularly maintain the longest at 30°.
Normally dirty clothes can be easily washed at 30°.

Hemp Clothing

Through modern spinning processes the properties of hemp are very similar to organic cotton. The regular washing temperature should not exceed 30°.

Woollen Clothes (sheep and alpaca wool)

Regularly ventilate your woolen fabrics overnight on the clothes hanger.
If possible, ask a laundry to clean your woolen clothes.
Smaller stains may be removed by hand with a wool detergent.
After washing, pull the garment gently to the form and put it flat down on a towel to dry.
In order to restore the natural purification, we recommend Wool Grease.


Viscose is wrinkle-free and dimensionally stable and can be washed normally at 30° and higher. In individual cases hand wash is required.

Mixed Fabrics

Designers use mixed fabics to improve the properties of the product. Usually manufacturers recommend washing at 30°.

Leather Shoes

Brush the shoes off when dry. If necessary clean the leather with a damp cloth. After drying treat your rough suede shoes with a brush.
The wet shoes must be kept in shape for example with newspaper or a shoehorn.
The dry shoe should then be treated with thin applied leather conditioner.
You can get ecological leather care for normal and suede leather here at fairtragen.


If you want the garment to keep its shape pull it gently in form after washing.
Refrain from the use of a dryer and note that direct sunlight can change the colors of your clothes.

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