veja, article number: VD2003389

Stylish sneakers with a slightly thicker sole.

- Upper made from soft O.T. leather
- Paneele aus Wildleder
- Logo V made from rubber, silica and recycled rubber
- Jersey lining (100% recycled polyester)
- Insole made of wild rubber (12%), sugar cane (42%), recycled polyester (23%) and others.
- Outsole made from wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest (40%), silica (23%), synthetic rubber (11%) and others (16%)
- Laces made from 100% organic cotton

Made in Brazil, in the Porto Alegre region.

All people involved in production and trade are treated and paid fairly

The O.T. (Organic Traced) leather comes from 100% organically certified farms in Uruguay, a country known for its cattle breeding and the quality of its leather. It is the softest and finest of our leathers that comes from cattle. This type of leather undergoes a mechanical beating process that makes it fine and supple. Because it is tanned in Brazil, less dye is used than with our conventional cowhide. VEJA uses conventional dyes that comply with legal regulations. Special attention is paid to water during the tanning process.

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