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Ultralight running/sports shoe, super comfortable on the foot even for everyday use.

Weight: 245g (size 43 EU).
Heel: 6 mm
Heel height: 17mm
Forefoot height: 11mm
Step profile: Neutral

Proportion of bio-based and recycled materials: 56%.

- 100% recycled polyester tight mesh upper
- Inserts from T.P.U.
- V-logo and heel insert made of Pebax® Rnew® from 62% castor oil
- Insole 77% bio-based & recycled (49% sugar cane - 28% recycled polyester).
- Midsole made from 60% sugar cane
- Outsole 61% bio-based (30% Amazon rubber - 31% rice waste).
- Latex insert made from 30% natural latex from Brazil
- 100% recycled polyester tech lining
- 100% recycled polyester laces
- Rear buckle made of 100% recycled polyester

Made in Brazil

The Impala provides comfort and support. It is designed for all types of sports exercises, such as sessions in the gym and runs on the carpet.

Tight mesh technology allows for customized placement of the breathable and supportive zones. This mesh alternates between tighter and less tight stitches.

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