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The "Argan Low" is made from vegan recycled and breathable artificial leather and organic cotton canvas.

Sole is made from recycled EVA-plastic, and lining is from organic cotton.

ekn [i‘kin]: means seed in old Osmanian and in modern Turkish.

- all Shoes are handmade in  Portugal
- all Accessories are handmade in Germany

Environmentally Conscious Materials
- 100% vegetable  chrome free tanned leathers from Portugal and Germany
- Soles and laces made from all-natural/recycled materials
- Organic Cotton/ Canvas
- Boxes made from recycled materials
- Transportation: Short distances; Carbon-neutral

- based in Portugal  Germany
- reasonable work shifts
- no child or forced labor
- non-discriminationatory work environments
- safe and hygienic work environments
- controlled employment relationship

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