People Tree, numéro d'article: D142UH

An intricate lace knitted merino jumper in a soft camel colour. Luxuriously soft, for a cosy layer of extra warmth. Layer with one of our essential camisoles for coverage and a tapered trousers for an understated, timeless style.

Made in India from 100% organic merino wool, a highly sustainable and soft fibre that is fully biodegradable. Organic sheep are reared in a way that puts their wellbeing first, following our strict cruelty-free policy. Organic farmers take a preventative approach to illness, so animals are not routinely treated with antibiotics or pesticides. The sheep are reared on organic feed, with plenty of space outside and live a free range life.

Length: 62cm size M (12)

Made in India
from 100% organic merino wool

Produced according to the WFTO standards (

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119,90 €


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